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(Enda Tiers Monde)

ENDA is an international NGO initially funded as a joint programme of UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme), the African Institute of Economic Development and Planification (IDEP) and the Swedish Organisation for the International Development.

ENDA is committed to poverty reduction goals, and carries out development projects in Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa and Europe. ENDA approach is based on:

  • Initiatives at local level especially with the informal sector,
  • Valorising locally available resources by recycling and re-using activities
  • Research-action and policy dialogue at all levels and with various partners (from the local communities to the UN agencies, in particular UN Habitat, UNEP and UNDP).
  • Implementing locally international conventions on environment, particularly on climate change and desertification.

ENDA has 20 year experience in waste management (both solid and liquid) in Southern countries, especially in Senegal, Colombia, Madagascar and Ethiopia. ENDA also led a multi-country project, PRECEUP, supported by the European Commission aiming at developing local initiatives on urban environment management in 9 countries of Africa, Asia and South America.

Main role in the project

ENDA will coordinate the identification of relevant stakeholders in the target countries. They will also lead and coordinate, jointly with IAGU, the work team of WP2. Under this WP ENDA will lead the regional assessment of SWM practices in target countries and will have an important role in the remaining tasks. ENDA will organize a participatory workshop in Dakar, and will participate in the elaboration of policy guidelines and recommendations to be developed under WP4. Furthermore, ENDA will evaluate the future scenario of SWM in target countries considering the measures proposed during the project and will assist the municipality of MATAM in the case study held under WP5.




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