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Work package 1

(Setting up the project framework. Definition of criteria and parameters)

WP1 will start at the beginning of the project and will aim to define the necessary indicators and evaluation criteria for the activities to be carried out in the course of the project. This part of the work will be intended to standardise and harmonise the evaluation activities to be performed in the target countries, in order to develop decision-making tools of high quality which will also be an outcome for the assessment of future activities.

In particular, WP1 will include the establishment of criteria and indicators for 1) the evaluation of the regional socio-economic context and policy background; 2) the identification of key stakeholders; and 3) the evaluation of Integrated Solid Waste Management (ISWM) practices.

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Report: Project framework. Definition of criteria and parameters

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The IWWA Final meeting will take place on 14th-15th of May, 2012 in Accra, Ghana. More details will be available soon.


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