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IWWA documents

D 1.1: "Report: Project framework. Definition of Criteria and parameters"

D 2.1: "Report: Regional evaluation of the SWM situation in the target countries"

D 2.2: "Report: Current research within and outside the consortium"

D 2.3: "Report: Data base of relevant stakeholders"

D 3.1: "Report: Lessons Learned from technological/organizational best practices in European and non European countries"

D 3.2: "Report: Identification of technical and non technical requirements for the implementation of ISWMS"

D 3.3: "Guide for identiffication of suitable Integrated Solid Waste Management Systems"

D 3.4: "Guide for implementation of Integrated Solid Waste Management Systems"

D 4.1: "Report: Description and evaluation of policy measures"

D 4.2: "Guidelines for implementation of policy strategies in ISWM"

D 4.3: "Policy briefs for the development of National and Regional Action plans in Cote d Ivoire, Ghana, Nigeria and Senegal"

D 5.1: "Report: Prognosis on environmental and socio-economic effects in the target regions"

D 5.2: "Report: Evaluation of IWWA policy recommendations and development of future scenarios for the Region of Matam"

D 6.1: "Report: Activities and introductory material for participatory workshops"

D 6.2: "Report: Evaluation and conclusions of participatory workshops"

D 6.3: "Report: Material and activities for capacity buiding workshops"

D 6.4: "Report: Evaluation and conclusions of capacity building workshops"

D 6.5: "IWWA web page set-up"

D 6.6: "First promotional leaflet"

D 6.7: "Promotional poster"

D 6.8: "Second promotional leaflet"

D 6.9: "Publication: First publishable scientific article on the main barriers and obstacles for the implementation of ISWM concept in Africa"

D 6.10: "Publication: Second publishable scientific article on solid waste management practices in Western Africa"

D 6.11: "Publicaion: Third publishable scientific article on the Integrated Waste Management Systems for Western Africa"

D 6.12: "Publication: Fourth publishable scientific article on the guidelines and recommendations for National and Regional Action Plans"

D 6.13: "Report: Content, evaluation and conclusions of the Final Conference"

D 7.1: "Report: First short project update report"

D 7.2: "Report: First periodic report"

D 7.3: "Report: Second short project update report"

D 7.4: "Report: Second periodic report"

D 7.5: "Report: Final periodic report"



The IWWA Final meeting will take place on 14th-15th of May, 2012 in Accra, Ghana. More details will be available soon.


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